Why Raindrop Chandelier is The Best for Home Décor

When you hear the word chandelier, the visuals that cross your mind is of glittering gorgeous looking cluster of light fixtures. It is quite true, as every person loves the glamorous chandeliers and thus it is part of the décor in almost all luxury homes.

Today, various kinds of chandeliers are displayed at the online stores. All are equally stunning and have distinct features that make them one of the simplest, yet ever trendier ways to decorate your rooms.

The popular online store Sofary has chandeliers of both vintage and contemporary designs. These chandeliers can be used anywhere and are easy to maintain. On their online store, you will find a wide range of chandeliers in different shapes and sizes. You can easily compare the prices and designs of chandeliers, and make the right choices.

One of the best home décor choices to design your foyers and entryways is the floating castle raindrop chandelier. You can go for the double layer type for high ceilings at the foyers, as they look simply spectacular at homes. You can check out complete specifications of double layered chandelier with floating castle raindrop design here

What is raindrop chandelier and why it is the latest trend in lights fixtures spectrum?

The crystals of the chandelier are shaped liked raindrops, and thus this kind of chandelier is fondly known as raindrop chandelier. You can have multi layers of raindrops all glittering reflecting the lights falling on them from the LED lights fixed in the chandelier at different levels.

This pattern of chandelier is designed for stylish look, and not to provide bright brilliant lights that illuminate the rooms. It is the recent trend in lighting fixture. However, they can’t replace the lighting quality of ceiling lights or lamps.

You get to choose from various patterns that can be easily cleaned and are also perfect light fixture to decorate empty corners of the room. Hence, even simple décor rooms will look magnificent and cozily arranged. However, you need to note certain facts before opting to buy raindrop chandeliers.

The room of modern house having low ceiling looks taller than in reality. This is because the raindrops seem to be suspended in air as the connecting wire is thinnest that can’t be seen from the base.

Here are the facts to understand:

Height and diameter of the chandelier –

Usually, home owners prefer to have mega size raindrop chandeliers fixed at the center of their living room or hanging from top mid space of hallway ceiling. You need to measure the height of ceiling from floor.

Chose the apt style and size –

  • Often people love to fix multi layer raindrops chandelier in small compact rooms. The visual effects won’t be appropriate as the room will look little small in appearance as the chandelier is of mega size in diameter.
  • There are well patterned small dimension raindrop chandeliers too that fit perfectly in even modern urban apartments.
  • You can have the classic style raindrops chandelier to decorate the vast spaces of foyer and halls.

Don’t compromise on the cost, as good quality raindrop chandeliers aren’t cheap. Shop for these raindrop chandeliers online, and enjoy their amazing mystic beauties that enhance the appeal of your place.