The Best Shoes to Fit Your Summer Elisabetta Franchi Clothing

With the sun blazing outside once, but with a little sprinkle of rain coming in a few rounds, summer dresses are the perfect dresses to wear for such a weather and vibe. Sundresses are always the easiest ones to wear with the right amount of comfort which adds an amount of cute as well as elegance to your look. However, one of the most problematic parts of sundresses, and perhaps the only problematic part of it is finding the perfect pair of shoes to go with your sundress.

Flip-flops with your sundress can look way too casual, but then heels can come across as too much of a classy look, which might not even suit the event that you are planning to go to. Here are some types of shoes, suggested by some of the best style experts at Elisabetta Franchi Clothing, that will look the best with the summer dress that you are planning to wear this summer and monsoon.

Shoes that will Match your Sundress the Best

Classic White Sneakers

For a very casual look to go along with your Elisabetta Franchi clothing sundress, the classic white sneaker is the best choice. If your sundress is especially of a light colour, the classic white sneaker will look especially good on it. The unexpected twist to the ever-feminine dress gives a very different vibe.

White Color Boots

This is a very common look that is often sported by celebrities such as Kendall Jenner. If your summer dress is on the shorter side, then you will be able to style it perfectly with white colored boots, and it will look great as white itself gives out a little summer vibe.

Ankle Length Boots

Your boots that come till your ankle can be the perfect addition to dresses which have the look of a t-shirt on it, and hence this will add a grunge type of look to your sundress. Ankle length boots are usually given importance with jeans or denim skirts, but it is a little-known fact that these boots can look equally good and sometimes even better with your sundress.

Silver Sandals or Flats

This also happens to be an unpopular opinion, but the silver sandals or flats can look extremely promising with the sundress that you have currently with a slightly neon or bright color. Silver flats can also look great with a white or black sundress, but usually a sundress which will have a neon or bright color will have the best look to it.

Tan or Brown Sandals

Tan or brown sandals are the most common shoes to wear with any sundress. Every sundress that has been tailored in the globe has a go-to shoe and that go-to shoe happens to be the tan or brown sandals. These sandals have a very casual vibe to it that comes naturally, and can be paired with also every outfit that reeks of the word ‘casual’ to it.

Bright Red Flats

Believe it or not, red shoes always have a different charm to them. When the shoe is bright red and a flat, it usually gives a different catch to your sundress and also attracts attention to itself.