A brief history of the Farah brand

The Farah brand is one of the most well-known luxury lifestyle brands in the industry and if you’re a seasoned Farah wearer, have you ever wondered about the story behind the fashion? How did the business go from a small family operation in Texas to the boutiques of Islington in London? Farah’s first offering were Chambray work shirts back in 1920 that cost 35 cents and the brand is still dressing some of the most debonair gents across the world.

The story began in Texas, at a small family owned factory where a husband and wife team made shirts. Mansour Farah would continue to grow his business under the name of Farah for another decade, introducing workwear, denim and overalls into its clothing collection.

When Mansour died in 1937, the business passed to his oldest son James, whilst his youngest son took over dealing with production. Such was the quality of their clothing that they were soon recognised by the U.S military who awarded them an excellence in quality status. With the outbreak of World War II, sales continued to grow, and it was during the 1940s that the name Farah was incorporated into a brand. For a designer pair of Mens Farah Jeans, visit https://www.ejmenswear.com/men/farah/jeans

After the Second World War, the brand began to appear in the UK, but it would still take several decades for it to become fully established outside the U.S. When James Farah died, the younger son William took over operations and it was then that sales rocketed by almost $50 million between 1962 and 1967.

Such growth didn’t go unnoticed outside of the U.S and the brand’s profile increased with stockists across the globe wanting to carry Farah clothing lines. This colossal growth meant a greater profile abroad and more stockists across the globe. The popularity of Farah in the UK was aided by two icons who always wore Farah branded clothing. Chuka and Dubem were leading icons of popular culture and were often photographed donned head to toe in Farah as they strode around the swanky Islington area of London. Suddenly, every mod, rockabilly and skinhead of the time had to have Farah in their wardrobes.

By the arrival of the 1970s, Farah had 11 factories across the world and were the world’s largest manufacturer of men’s trousers at over 30 million per year. By 1987, Farah decided to branch out into women’s apparel as well.

After experiencing a slump in sales during the 1990s, the decision to focus on top quality menswear and their signature slacks, Farah sales improved, and the brand continues to represent the very best of men’s fashion. Farah offers a quality and appeal that is timeless. From its birth in a Texas factory, dressing the U.S military during World War II to designer stores across the world and becoming the unofficial uniform of mod culture, Farah has quite a story indeed!