Actress Takes On the Fashion Police

Actress, model and Playboy Cover girl Olivia Munn has gone on the offensive and taken on the ugly side of the fashion business. She recently posted an essay online taking a popular blog called Go Fug Yourself to task.

The blog writers Heather Cocks and Jessica Morgan, AKA the Fug Girls, rate celebrity dresses and insult what they deem to be “fugly”. Olivia says that it embodies blatant hypocrisy, is promoting ugly behaviour, and it needs to stop.

Tackling the Issue Head On

The blog has criticised Olivia’s fashion choices in the past, so she knows what it is like to be a victim of cyber bullying by the self-appointed fashion police. Now she’s making a stand against the ongoing criticism of women and the idea that worth is tied intrinsically to looks.

Olivia says that celebrities are constantly picked apart for their fashion choices and that blogs like Go Fug Yourself are nauseating. She says that they focus predominantly on woman and that they claim to be a measure for beauty and goodness but are in fact the complete opposite. What they promote is neither good nor beautiful, and the time has come for the world to take a stand against women being chastised in public for their looks, dress sense, weight and life choices.

A Bigger Problem

Celebrities have a huge influence over the fashion industry, and celebrity dresses are available online at AX Paris and other top stores, as we all want to look like our idols. But there are those ready to tear women down based on what they look like and are voicing their opinions in a very demeaning way.

In her essay, Olivia also accused the Fug Girls of suppressing women and being part of the bigger problem. There was a definite allusion to the #TimesUp movement too – something many celebs have stood behind. Olivia says that the Fug Girls should know better and should be supportive of other women and build them up rather than tear them down.

The situation smacks somewhat of the Perez Hilton debacle. Hilton came under fire for bullying when he poked fun at celebrities struggling with real-life situations. He is now reformed and promotes anti-bullying campaigns, but only time will tell if The Fug Girls change their ways.